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Pre Travel Health Care

  Travel Medicine/Travel Clinics are devoted to the maintenance of the health of international travelers through health promotion and disease prevention. Prevention advice/care is dependent upon:
  • Travel health risk assessment/consultation. This encompasses the traveler’s itinerary, planned activities, duration of travel, their health immunization history and the epidemiology (prevalence and determinants) of disease at the destination.

QTHC provides comprehensive pre-travel care:

  • Professional and knowledgeable risk assessment, risk communication and risk management.
  • Availability of a complete panel of immunizations against all vaccine preventable illnesses.
  • Provision of an appropriate recommendations and prescriptions according to risk for self-treatment/prevention of traveler’s diarrhea, malaria and environmental illness (eg altitude sickness).
  • Up-to-date advice/education of a wide range of travel related health risks (eg women’s health, water and insect borne diseases, personal safety and security, accessing medical care abroad, etc.).

Post-Travel Screening and referral as indicated:

  • The focus of the QTHC is on pre-travel care/prevention and health promotions. QTHC will be available to support/consult with primary care health providers in post travel illness/health situations. These post travel "cases" can be complex and require tropical medicine specialists/clinics and specific testing evaluations.