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About QTHC

Increasing international travel to diverse destinations by persons of all ages and often with significant medical needs has lead to the growth of specialized Travel Health Clinics. Travel Medicine is a discipline devoted to the mainstream of the health of international travelers through health promotion and disease prevention.

Prevention advice is dependent upon a travel health risk assessment/consultation. Compared to staying at home, mortality (death) and morbidity (illness/injury) are increased in those travelling, especially when their destinations is in developing countries.

Travel health risks vary greatly according to:


  • Industrialized versus developing countries
  •  City or highly developed resort versus off-the-tourist-trail.


  • Season of travel e.g. Rain versus dry 

How Long:

  • Duration of stay abroad

Why: (Purpose of Travel)

  • Tourism versus business travel versus rural works versus visiting friends or relatives (VFR)
  •  Other (Military, Airline Crew layover, Adoption, etc.)

How: (Travel Characteristics)

  • Hygiene standard expected: HIGH 
  • (e.g. multi-star hotels) versus LOW
  • (e.g. low budget backpackers)
  • Special Activities: High Altitude Trekking, Diving/snorkeling, Hunting, Wilderness Camping, etc. 

Traveler/Host Characteristics

  • Healthy vs pre-existing conditions
  •  Altered immunity (chronic Illness, drugs/chemotherapy, etc.)
  • Age e.g. Infants/children vs. senior travelers